Friday, May 6, 2011

Hello n Bye!

YA AMPUUN! sudah sekian lama aku dh x update blog yee, dh berhabuk-habuk dahh, haishh! penuh dgn sarang labah2 n all kinds of insects yeee. maaf maaf. sekarang ni semakin sibukk, dh x dpt nk online mcm dulu lgi dah. sooo, if ada extra time, i will work it on my blog ;) hehe.

Okeyy now! i wanna tell yaw a story.

1) i'm taken  :O
2) i'm 13 :O
3) syameera pindah smk10 :O
4) my wishlists still x dpt --'
5) IDK O.o


the first one, i'm taken. eheh. by who?

hehehhe his name is ......... :P

okkkeyy 2nd, on 28 april, i've turned 13. which is so awesome like cucumber! i've got so many presents. ehehehe :3

3rd, syameera pindah smk10! which is TODAAAYYY! so i was hoping that syameera dpt msuk the same class just like me, which is 1 Aktif :D

4th, my birthday dah lepas, but i still didnt get any presents from my parents :(

last but not least, number 5, ehehe IDK what to write lah O.o hehhehe, kayy then!

Soo long SUCKERS!

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