Sunday, January 30, 2011


urmmm,, yesterday kite org sume pergi pizza n mcd then lps dh hbs mkn tuh kite me n qistina nk buat  game tau, but sume org tergedik2 nk pergi mcd! buat pnt je kite org buat! dh plan dh sume! then ayu ckp blh main dkt mcd, but x main pon! n die sedar x rmai sgt sgt sgt org dkt mcd! buang duit je beli! korang nk sgt g mcd apehal! tau lah blh lepak kat sne kn, but dgr lah ckp aku dulu! ni korang lps dh hbs mkn blaaaa je dri situ! bile org ckp jom lah main bgtau blh main dkt mcd! seee! wat i plann isn't worth it at all! n skrg ni korang post kat aku nye fb tulis sorry naz. bru tau nk ckp sorry! mse smalam korang x lyn pon! buat x kesah je! lps ni kalau aku ajk korang lgi, tu pon kalau aku nk ajk korang, aku mls nk buat game sume. lantak korang ahh nk buat ape! >:(

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Thursday day is AWESOME

hehehe.. okok here's the story,

kn kite org ade koko kn khamis tuh kn, then tibe2 tasya tertinggal kertas mahjong die dkt rumah. then qis n tasya nk g ambik lah kn. but i was afraid nk tinggal sorang2 dkt situ coz sume nye SENIORS o.O
hahha. then i pon ikot die org g rmh tasya ambik kertas tuh. it was really fun coz its my 1st time buat mcm tuh, but it is tiriing me! gahhhh... hehe then bile smpai rmh tasya, i terus baring kat lantai. then ade kucing tasya nme die socks. coz die pkai socks. hahha so cute i know :D then lps dh ambik kertas sume blik blik kat skola. then kite org g lepak kat library die. it was HUGE n COLD :DD  mse kat library tuh i do my geo homework, tasya buat bm n geo hmewrk die jugak. while qistina, urmm, playing with my stick pad -.-
hehe then mse dh hbs kite org pon g kat dewan. but noah plak x dtg :(
it was a fun day actually :D

thats all..

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


AHHAHA many things happens today at school.
ok first, kite org ade koko tau. then i ask qistina n natasya, i tnye die kene bwk bju ke. then die org ckp yes. then i was like WAT THE HELL?!!
then i go to the bilik guru with tasya then found cikgu kuhanis :')  i shared my problem with her, then i called my mum using her phone. but my mum x angkat -.-  then cikgu kuhanis ckp die gtau die boleh hntr kn. then iwas like YIPPIEE! :D
but tibe2 ade cikgu ckp die bgtau die tlg hntr kn -.-  then smpai rmh ambik baju sume but tertinggal purse -.-

 done for now. bubyeee :D

Monday, January 24, 2011

Korean to English :D

Hello there bloggers,

as u see that finally i change my playlist from korean to english :D
Maybe i have to open my mind to the world of english, but stil, i love korean songs okkey :P
Well, about the song, Just A Dream by Sam Tsui and Christina Grimmie.
Well, i love the version, its better than Neyo's one. But both of the song are great :)
Well, this is all i wanna say :D


Friday, January 21, 2011

New Haircut :D

Hello there bitches :D

I just cut my hair, its not like a fringe but longer than a fringe. HAHAHA :DD  My sister cut it right before i go to school.. huhuh... so here it is :D




Sunday, January 16, 2011

Cikgu Ahmed Tarmizi

Hahaha!!! This maybe out of limit but its true! :DD
ok, where can i started.. hmm,, ok. Cikgu Ahmed Tarmizi is our Geografi teacher. But he is not an ordinary teacher. He is the Creepiest, Weirdest u ever meet.. First of all, Me and qistina thought he is a chinnese techer, rupenye tak -,- But how ever, he is kinda nice. but still weird :D

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Cikgu Kuhanis

11 January 2011,

Cikgu Kuhanis, is the coolest n bestest teacher ever. Yesterday, kite org rombak kelas, but thnk god i'm still in the same class which is 1 Aktif. But the sadness thing is dat Cikgu Kuhanis will no longer teach us :( Even though kite org x siap homework, die x mrh pon. But other teachers, eeeee.. melebih-lebih marah.. sheeeshh.. Cikgu Kuhanis, I wish u good luck in ur life n carrier. Pupils of 1 Aktif misses u so badly. Insya-Allah, we will meet again someday.


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Boys -,-

Boys are the same. Some are good ones, n some are bad ones. But yes, I hate the bad ones. Especially stalkers -,-  or the ones who is liking u. Duhh, of course i'm poiting to "ank cikgu Jiani" or i called him acap. You know wat? He is such a jerk. He knows that i didn't like him, then? stop bothering me for god sake! Yeah, we kinda closed but that was the past. Haishh! and now, he is bothering me everywhere! at school, n now FACEBOOK! >:(

Monday, January 10, 2011

10 August 2010


haaaa,, wat can i say? its the special day i guess.
 n today is 10.1.2011. Its already been 5 months. hehehe.. time is so fast.
But a few days ago, "MY REPORTER" tell me bout him, its frustrating to hear it. But i hope there's nothing between them both :/

Thats it for now.

Dear Diary

On the 6th January 2011, is the worst day in my life. Cant just my parents understand my feelings! It's suxx at SMK10. Just give me c hance to go to SMK8. I miss my friends and all the memories. Ayah, SMK8 is also a good school. There, the teachers are all seniors. Why in the earth can't u just sent me to SMK8! All my friends semua dh pindah dekat sana. Bila Nazurah xplain, ayah buat2 x dgr. Just once listen to me! Ank sendiri pon x caye, nk caye ckp kwn ayh je! >:(

Ibu, oh god. The situation is the same. First ibu ckp ibu kasi g SMK8, but nazurah x prnh pon nmpk ibu pujuk ayh. Then bile nazurah call ibu blik, ibu ckp ibu bersusah pyh nk msukkan nazurah dkt kelas KRK. SAPE SURUH IBU MSUKKAN?! Nazurah x nk pon! Ibu buat keputusan sendiri! x bincang pon dgn nazurah! ibu x fikir ke perasaan nazurah dulu? Ibu slalu ckp,  before buat keputusan, bincang dulu. But ur the one who started it.

Ayah dh g tau seminggu nanti bru tukar g SMK8. Its almost 1 week, but nothing happens! Where is ur promise? dh lme dh nazurah ngan syameera plan nk g skola 2 same2, but u ruined eveything! its my life! I know wat i choose! skrg ni plak, ayu pindah. Sorang2 pindah! then die org ajk g sne, sape yg x nk?! But nazurah terpakse ckp yg my parents x kasi >:(  So please, I'm begging u, please fullfill ur promise and give me a chance to go to SMK8. PLEASE :(

Friday, January 7, 2011

Byeees :(

Goodbyee Sk Seksyen 9,
even though there are so many things that i hate being there, but in the bottom of my heart, i need u. U have changed me to become a normal person than a childish ones. So many memories there. Bad n good ones. Goodbye :')

Hello to SMK10!
hehehe.. 3rd january 2011. Is the 1st day i went to that school. its kinda awesome but kinda lost so many friends. Some goes to SMK8 n some goes to Asrama. But it's okey. Untill we meet again :)


Hello there bloggers. I'm new here so i kinda don't know much about blogging. Well, what can i say about my self? hmm,,, I'm 12 years old but i'm gonna be 13 this april. weee :D  IDK wat to say, hehe thats it for now. BYEEEES!