Saturday, April 9, 2011

Hve a blast syam :3

Hello there bloggers, its been a verry long time that i haven't wrote smthing in my blog. sorry for that. i'm kinda not in the mood nk tulis2 bende ni. so many things happens to me. nanti naz crite in my next post. hehehe :D ok bout the TITLE :) yeah, as u can see, it shows Hve a blast syam :3 right? well, syameera's birthday is like, 2 april. so its like a week i didn't open my blog n write smthing :)  just let me upload some pictures first kayy?

Hehehhee. there are more pictures, but jap lgi lah upoad yeee :))

Muah Muah Naz ;D

Friday, April 1, 2011

Video lagi :D

this is the video from the previous post. as u guys know, nk upload video takes a long time.Malas lah nk tulis pnjg2, just tgk je k? :) ENJOY ;)

Its the end of our relationship :(

:((  as u guys can see, i'm very sad. why? because my OMFEB clashes with me  on wednesday! I CRIED! DO YOU KNOW HOW I FEEL WHEN A PERSON THAT YOU LOVE DUMPED YOU N JUST SAY SORRY FOR NOTHING???!! IT IS SO PAINFUL YOU KNOW! :((( Yesterday, at school. I can't forget it what happend. i cried again at school. after i cried, my face turn out to be like a person who don't hve any hope to livee! this is all because of you! YOU MAKE ME BECOMING LIKE THIS! JUST IGNORE MY ENGLISH K????!?! and btw "Mr OMFEB if you reading this, good. coz all i wanna let you know is that, JUST GO TO OTHER GIRLS. if someone says weyhh Mr OMFEB, knp clash dgn naz, DON'T SAID TO THEM THAT IT IS MY MISTAKE. YOU CLASH WITH ME, YEAH, YOU GOT IT ALREADY!! N BTW MR OMFEB, LEPAS KAU CLASH JE DGN AKU, KAU TERUS HAPPY KN?!! SMALAM DKT TUISYEN, SEPATUTNYE AKU X NK DTG TAU! TAPI SBB AKU SYGKAN QISTINA, AKU X NK DIE SORANG2 JE PMPUAN DKT SITU, SO AKU PON DTG LAH. MSE AKU NK BELI AIR, NK BYR, KAU ADA DKT SEBELAH AKU, KAU BUAT BODOHH JE! AKU LALU TEPI KAU, AKU MAIN LANGGAR JE KAU KN?! EGHHHHHHHHH! K LAH CUKOPP LAH NI! X SGGUP AKU NK TULIS BYK2 LGI >.<